Post VII - Sawing the Molds

Really not much to desribe in this post. The process of sawing the forms was pretty self-evident:

Turn on jigsaw, saw, repeat. 

I bought this makita jigsaw (Fig 13) three years ago and didn't realize until now that I got it with the whitehall plans with the intent of using it right away. I've found lots of other uses for it since then, but it's nice that it gets to fulfill its purpose after all this time. It is a nice little tool actually. Variable speed reciprocating action, variable cut angle, strong motor, uses generic blades. It made short work of mold cutting.  

Figure 13: Makita Jigsaw. Good tool.

Figure 14: The molds all ready to mount on the strong back

Figure 15: Molds from a different angle

Can't wait to start lining these puppies up on the strongback. I can see things taking shape a bit now but the visual will be so much better once they're all standing and properly spaced. 

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