Post VIII - Setting up the Molds

Setting up the molds was a pretty fun process. Nice easy methodical work with not too much dust creation or noise. I took a couple of scrap 2x4s and ran them through the table saw to make 1"x1" stock. These got sawed into 12" long sticks which became the anchors for the molds. 

For positioning, I snapped a chalkline on the strongback to mark the centre (molds all have a marked centreline too). Then plotted out all the mold positions and dropped a perpendicular off each using a homemade compass (a stick with a nail in one end and a pencil jammed through the other). Assembly was pretty simple after that. Screw an anchor stick to the strongback, centre a mold, screw that to the anchor stick, repeat.   

Figure 16: Just getting started

Figure 17: Halfway there

This process goes very quickly once you figure out the first couple. They are not particularly square (straight up and down), but the foremost mold and rearmost mold are squared to the transom and stem molds. This means I can use them as sturdy anchors for the ends of the keelson, and nail the keelson to each mold in between to keep them straight too. I don't know if that's what you're supposed to do (probably not) but I'm going to anyway.

Figure 18: Done from the front (minus the stem).

Figure 19: Done from the back.

I stopped before getting into the process of making the stem. That'll be the project for next week.  I'm planning to make a laminated one rather than a sawn one, which in a lot of ways is easier, but will involve gratuitous epoxy mess, so better to begin that process on a new night. I'll also mill the keelson out of 10' stock and scarph join 2 pieces to bring me up to the approximate 15' total length I'll need. I am supposed to have some help from somebody who knows what he's doing this week too, so maybe I'll even get the transom blank glued up. 

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