Post XXXIX - The BIG SAND, Floorboards & the Bow

Sanding turned out pretty good on the bottom -- this was the final pass before finish. I started sanding with 80 grit and finished it with 120 grit. It was kind of a dumb idea to have marked my waterline before sanding, but I was able to transfer the marks throughout the sanding process. All done using my 5" random orbit sander hooked to a vacuum. In this sanding pass I discovered a few lumps in the glass that when sanded opened up some holes in the fabric. I'm not massively concerned with this as they were only pea-sized and there is still a thick shell of epoxy protecting the wood. I patched over them using fairing filler just to be safe, and faired it in. Nothing much more to report here -- it took 2 afternoons and was a pain in the dick. Glad to have it done with. 

Figure 192: Nice smoooth sanded surface, ready for paint!

I've come up with a good treatment for my bow. It didn't come together neatly during the glue-up and it looks crappy. I'm going to make a little gunwale extension on each side to wrap all the way around the stem and have a cap plate (maybe 3/8" thick) that will cover the end-grain of the stem, along with my sloppy joinerwork. Should look much better and neater. 

Figure 193: Stem sawn flush with the breasthook.

I started work on the floorboards a few nights after completing the exterior sanding. These are simple cedar deck boards planed to 5/8" thickness. Plans called for 1/2" thickness but it seemed a bit flimsy to be honest. The longest two in the centre needed to be scarphed so I set them all up on the workbench. 

The usual techniques applied for cutting the scarphs, except I used an 8:1 slope instead of the usual 12:1. These are not structural and I was more concerned with getting out a usable length after gluing. Once cut, I slathered the scarphs in epoxy + adhesive filler and clamped it all against a straightedge to set. Next thing will be to shape the ends of the boards to fit the hull, and make up some shorter boards to fit outside the two main ones. 

Figure 194: Floorboards mocked up.

Figure 195: Cutting the scarphs all at once

Figure 196: Clamping against my 8' straightedge

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